Daring 2 Live the Dream of Decadence – from Strip Naked Faith

Love Higher Love is who you make it with. So if you want to get naked with your best intentions in front of the mirror of your mind, you must first visualize your body and soul in the embrace of the One you desire to soar with above and beyond the sheets. You may not…Read more »

Forgive me for I have sinned, but it felt so fucking good – from the Naked on a Cross Series

My own body…my own choice…my own destiny Oh dear Lord kickstart my fuckin’ heart… As life’s too short to not give in to your passions and desires. So why the hell you listen to others who only get off watching your body hit the floor and miss the bed you both are sleeping on. Because…Read more »

God Bless my Best Shit and God Damn my Fucking Haters

“The moment you start to embrace the good along with the bad, as you face the pain and fuck it away with your kick-ass inner bitch. This is the time you will realize your shit is the best and you don’t give a damn about what others say or think about you.” The world is…Read more »

Go Forth and Fuck your Universal Desire – Only you know how you like it

Fuck me as hard as our passion pursuit for liberty, life, and free market orgasm allows us to… When was the last time you got high? Now don’t say it was high school on a Friday night, fucking that girl who sat next to you in Sex Ed class. You know that crush you always…Read more »

You can go your own way, but I recommend you find someone to love the extra mile with and elevate your mind, body, and soul ever higher

Precious Metal Rocks On https://share.icloud.com/photos/0eNax-z3BuQ0SM0nNGoEWTxyQ#Westfield_Valencia_Town_Center Taking a break from the creative writing side to recommend you check out Precious Metal next time they roll through town. Feel free to “go your own way” but enjoy the journey whoever you’re with and wherever your body and soul takes you to that place you call home sweet…Read more »

Inhale your Angelic Desire – praying to your pot god

You’ve got to inhale before you can exhale… Let me give this disclaimer first off. What you will read in most of my blog postings will contain some degree of explicit content. I do believe in God, however I’m non-denominational and non-judgmental. That being said let’s get it on with the short quickie of a…Read more »

You are only one mind fuck away from your deepest desire to be with the One you love

You are super fuckin’ natural and you can give a damn about your destiny. Because let’s face it, no one else cares about yourself more than you. Could it be that we are stuck in complacency because we fear the supernatural intensity within us. Pushing ourselves in releasing our true potential is always going to…Read more »