Resurrecting the Dead (Past and/or Present)

In your alternative reality. Seriously, if you had the choice would you want to resurrect your ‘dead past’ back to this ‘blasphemous’ reality?

Someone sent me this meme. It reads, and I paraphrase, “I don’t think humanity will be mentally or psychologically prepared to discover humans on another planet (nor to be visited by any on this planet).

Aliens or reptilians, shapeshifters and hybrid forms of extraterrestrial life, maybe, but not our own species.

It’s like being given the chance to resurrect a deceased loved one back to life. We may wish it to happen, but would they be the same person we remembered them as. Would their soul be willing to return to the same physical, broken, screwed up body they once inhabited? If it were me I’d go find a younger, more attractive body. One with some musical talent (aka MGK) or some acting skills (aka JD). Sorry, AH, but you’re out.

So, since this is our only known reality and our only known ‘escape from it,’ then we best make the most of the time we have left and pursue that dream until it becomes our ‘New Reality.’

The path you find yourself on. It may be by faith or fate, but it’s the only way you can get from your dream to your chosen destiny.

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