Today your Bad Ass Angel wants you to know…

A change of style will elevate your inner vibe and levitate your body and mind to a higher sensation. You are energy, you are vibrating and pulsating at such intensity that your consciousness cannot possibly understand in your awakened state. Only when you close your eyes and ‘crossover’ into your delta sleep ‘fantasy world’ can…Read more »

I left my Halo by your One Night Stand next to your ex girlfriend’s photo.

Don’t fuck with my dreams, just because you can’t handle your own shit. Life’s a bitch, but I’m that Bad Ass Beautiful Sinner you wish never left your bed. Now you’re all alone dealing with the demons from your past. That love you once had seems to have vanished into the dark of the night.…Read more »

Resurrecting the Dead (Past and/or Present)

In your alternative reality. Seriously, if you had the choice would you want to resurrect your ‘dead past’ back to this ‘blasphemous’ reality? Someone sent me this meme. It reads, and I paraphrase, “I don’t think humanity will be mentally or psychologically prepared to discover humans on another planet (nor to be visited by any…Read more »

Life is as Beautiful as you Believe it.

Believe It. Receive It. Roll with It. The fine art of life is a work in progress. The colors you choose from this Rainbow Tapestry of Living Out Loud is spectacularly brilliant and vibrant as you allow your inner self to be. So today, praise yourself and invest in your own natural talent and passion…Read more »

Call Me Eclipsa. Call Me Fucking Beautiful.

In order to move forward you must make peace with the demons from your past. Do whatever you must to ’let them go’ and release your soul, so that you can harness that energy within. You alone have the power to influence change and not be tossed about like a rag doll in the ‘glorified…Read more »

Your One Desire as Your Body Burns with Intense Fire – Passion in the Flames

People tend to validate their self-worth on the dreams of others, even while sleeping with them. Let’s face it, someone else’s bed may feel more comfortable than your own, however you must live with the consequences of tomorrow in the fleeting afterglow. Your power to create the destiny of your dreams is waiting within that…Read more »