You can’t censorshit my ass when I can wipe my own

The moment we allow the insane few to control the narrative on how we speak, act, or who we choose to fuck is the beginning of the end for our own demise. Freedom is more about words. It’s the interactions and transactions we each as responsible adults and young future leaders engage with the world…Read more »

Just like a prayer, you had me on my knees at Amen – Book of Grace Chapter 1

Sanctify yourself. Be a part of me as we set ourselves free in our Coven of Enigmatic Love Oh My God Crazy Sick-Ass Love The kind of shit that makes you scream out hymns in an ancient gothic monastery converted into a student-budget friendly hostel named after that Eagles song you first lost your virgin…Read more »

Strip naked faith. In search of fuckin’ grace.

Oh God Bless my Daily Shit as I drink from the cup of the Starbucks barista goddess. Because without my fix and sanctified edible I’m a damn moody bitch. So please help me make it through another day without pissing off every potential partner I meet and making those bad decisions I’ll likely regret in…Read more »

I’m your Saint while on my knees, but a Kick-Ass Sinner on the Altar of our Love

Blessed are the kick-ass sinners. Because while you’re on your knees you know my love will take you there. Heaven sent by the Kiss of Death Your angelic body I worship you tonight. Stripped down as you bare your soul, your panties wrapped around your feet, your bra tossed upon the cross above your bed.…Read more »

Daring 2 Live the Dream of Decadence – from Strip Naked Faith

Love Higher Love is who you make it with. So if you want to get naked with your best intentions in front of the mirror of your mind, you must first visualize your body and soul in the embrace of the One you desire to soar with above and beyond the sheets. You may not…Read more »

Forgive me for I have sinned, but it felt so fucking good – from the Naked on a Cross Series

My own body…my own choice…my own destiny Oh dear Lord kickstart my fuckin’ heart… As life’s too short to not give in to your passions and desires. So why the hell you listen to others who only get off watching your body hit the floor and miss the bed you both are sleeping on. Because…Read more »