On the road to kick-ass faith … being bad never felt so damn good

Sometimes you just gotta have faith. Even if you must strip off everything in your past so you can receive what the Universe has for you in the present. Pray for the best yet to come. But do what is within your control to deal with who and what really matters. Because in this life…Read more »

California ‘Cannabis’ Dreaming of American ‘Hemp’ Pie

https://www.marijuanamoment.net/first-congressional-marijuana-vote-of-2019-officially-scheduled-for-next-week/ The best way to ensure full legalization under the current political leadership is to get involved, invest in the cannabis stocks, and pressure our elected officials to End the Feds control over our alternative and holistic health and therapy choices.

In Worship and Praise of your own Bad-Ass Self – In Goddess We Trust (Part 1 in a series)

Why give of your body, mind, and wellness within so freely and undervalued to those less deserving of your worship and praise. Your entire being is pure energy. You were created to be the angelic light in a world of illusionary shadows and dark secrets behind hidden doors. The truth is found by those willing…Read more »

Blow that Shit Up – Show them who the fuck you really are

You know what the hell you got to do… So you aim to please that lover branding your ass with a slap of the hand. You bow down to wash and kiss their feet so they can save you from your sinful yet angelic nature. I’m not saying you should piss on everything or off…Read more »

Climate my Ass…My Mood Changes at 69 Degrees of Desire

Express your Bad-ass Intent to Kick-ass. You have the right to…(You fill in the blanks and choose your vowels wisely) do whatever the hell your body fucking desires. Or you allow others to control your own mouth and what to put in it. You’ve got two choices in this life; to suck or fuck and…Read more »

Fuck your Fear and Embrace the Fire Within – #FYF

“The greatest challenge keeping you from achieving your very best may just be yourself.” Fuck your own Fear…Don’t allow it to fuck you. You have a choice. To be happy, sad, regretful, hopeful. To be spoon fed baby food or to eat organic GMO-free sustenance or fake media fast-food crap. You can only control the…Read more »

God Damn Evil and Bless Me Good in My Circle of Intervention

To give of ourselves in love to share with others. This is the most intimate and vulnerable thing we can do with our innermost passions. You can only stay on your knees for so long until you must position yourself for something deeper than before… Your body, mind, and entirety of Universal energy must be…Read more »