I’m not lost. I just left my heart in a hopeful place outside my own body

Sometimes you have to lose control before you can find your soul. You will only change the world if you change your clothes and step outside yourself. We’ve all heard or seen the devastating news out of Paris. How can an iconic and priceless cultural, historical, and religious site go up in flames in the…Read more »

Jesus Vapes! Everyone else can just go to…

Jesus Vapes. Everyone else can go to that lame club down the street. I hear they blast Justin Bieber music as Selena Gomez wannabes have indiscriminate sex with their college crush. Now can there be any worse fate than this type of hell. Let me add to that, you’re also a broke ass fuck who…Read more »

Dancing in the Shower – #stripfaith

What song stays with you? Who sings off key along to that voice inside your head? You decide your own destiny with the choices you make. The ones you have within your own control, can direct that path you find yourself on. Or the bed you sleep in and with who you share in your…Read more »

Studies Show Cannabis Targeting, Killing Cancer Cells – New Series on Exposing the Truth of Cannabis. Why going green will not only save the planet but our own humanity.

As a result of numerous studies as well as anecdotes from patients across the world, research has shown that cannabis can target cancer effectively. — Read on http://www.medicaljane.com/2013/12/18/studies-suggest-cannabinoids-may-kill-human-cancer-cells/ God created natural remedies in the Garden of Eden as well as the earth overall. The exploitation of the environment and manipulation of the climate from planes…Read more »

Fucking up is a hard habit to break

Getting your ass out of bed is only half the battle. You still must own the day or else it will control you. The Great Pretender I’m just going to keep the shit real. I’ve been struggling lately to find my own purpose in life. I know what I’m passionate about but when you live…Read more »

It may take two to fuck up but only one to go down on the highway to heavenly hell – #sickasswisdom

God save us from our sins and another bad trip sleeping with that ‘stranger things’ angel screaming in our head. In the search for yourself and the meaning for your life… You may find that more times than not, life as in love is messy as a cream pie and divinely sacred as a space…Read more »