Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring global awareness to the art community.  Our purpose is to empower our young global citizens (especially in developing and emerging countries) with the tools necessary to transform their lives and their family; therefore impacting the community they live.  

In the long-term 

We intend to fund scholarships for aspiring and gifted students who wish to pursue the arts in any sector; creative, visual, expressive, written, teaching, or musical.  

We desire to inspire others, as my late mother J K Reppa did when she first began her teaching career in Chicago, IL and then later in Venice, CA. 

I wish to move forward with her legacy by creating the Academy for Global Arts and Leadership (AGAL).  There remains a leadership void in many parts of our diverse global communities and through the free expression of the arts; we can indeed impact and change the world for the better. 

Thank you and may Universal Peace and Love be with you all. 

For inquiries please email to: