Middle Finger Contempt: Control this ****


It’s really all about silencing your voice and your right to consent or dissent. Obey or disobey, comply or be found in contempt…mandates then can only be forced if the subject surrender’s their rights and is willing to accept the demands of the oppressor. Simply put, if you don’t comply with their orders, what the hell will they do? Nothing. It’s all about groupthink mentality, peer coercion, fear mongering, control and containment. And profits over protecting our families, stock market rallies over the health and well-being of our bodies and mind. Fear can paralyze our actions as much as asphyxiate our right to breathe or to be heard. The Sounds of our own Silence can drive society insane from the outside in…

God damn these ‘Crimes against Humanity,’ but bless those among us, the ‘Angels of our Higher Being’ to rise above this Shit Science Sideshow of Illusionary Fiction.

All it takes is for us, the instigators of free expressionism and free intellectualism. The fukcisms we inherit, invent, invest, or inoculate as our own without someone else injecting their crap forcibly in our mind, body, or any other orifice we control on our own accord.

So to conclude this brevity of discourse, self-discovery, mental intercourse, or whatever the fukc you decide.

The choice will always be yours. It applies in every single action or inaction you do. Who you choose to share in your most private affairs or public engagements. What you decide to think, to do, to be, or simply to coexist with other asses you consider your best assets or just because they love to kiss yours…

I’ll leave you with this as I contemplate my own existence, you always cover your own ass first (CYA) and that beautiful butt you share the bed with.

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