The New Normal Rites of Passion – Because life begins with that first cup

You must get so fucking high you think you can fly…

I remember those days when I was in high school and during my vacations or on holiday I’d get a ticket and go someplace. Mostly to Austin, Texas to see my one and only sister at UT. Hook ‘Em Horns. This is where you flash your sign and pretend you’re at a fucking Ozzy concert or seeing The Warning play live.

When you travel outside your comfort zone and experience something new you expand your mind and your awareness of the diversity for change around you.

Too often we delay our own purpose for living the dream destined for us because we seek the validation and approval of others. We hesitate to ask for that raise, that relationship, that perfect partner, that family, that dream job, that dream trip, that cozy house, that fast car…the list goes on. We have many excuses. What if my boss says no, what if he/she says not yet, what if they don’t want children, what if you feel complacent and comfortable with that steady income, what if you’re afraid of flying, what if you feel unsure of the future economic climate so you delay your big ticket purchases and put them off until after the next election. Because…just maybe…if they don’t win…or that investment doesn’t quite work out…the list goes on.

Successful people don’t give a damn about the noise around them. There will always be that dynamic of chaos in the midst of inner change.

You must find your own voice or sign to hold up. Don’t silence that inner angel and don’t allow others to write your mantra for you.

So as the first rule states, Decide what you really really want and take that next step towards achieving your best life yet. The Universe requires action. It’s like that knowledge you learned in college. You can read all you want and get the best grades in school, but if you don’t apply what you study in the classroom you won’t realize what can be in the real world.

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