212 Degrees to your most passionate Desires – Elevate your Body

Day 1 : Taking Responsibility for your own Inner Rage

2020 may seem like a Stephen King novel in the making, however your key to survival depends on your ability to elevate above the rest.

Society is obsessed with the State of the Nation and the Global Dynamics of Change, but now is the time for you to become your own greatest obsession. Rise above this shit and manifest your best dreams yet.

Be the sponge and absorb only the good around you and share in the love. You can embrace others in diverse thoughts and pleasures outside of your own, however be true to your own self and your own Universal purpose for the greater humanity you desire to see in the world.

Be a magnet to attract like-minded people into your ‘Sanctuary of Positivity’ and as you create your personal dream team remember this important next step.

It’s not about winning necessarily or trying to excel over another. It’s about recognizing our responsibility to do unto others better than we can ever imagine. But it all begins with loving yourself better than you ever allowed yourself to before. Your past choices don’t decide your future, so give your body, mind, and spirit permission to be set free from that bondage of self-destructive habits and self-doubt which seek only to contain and control.

You see you have everything you will ever need to succeed in any storm. So no matter who is leading the country or what the next phase of reopening may be, you are always open to change from within.

Be your own best leader and encourage others in the fight for our shared collective survival to do the right thing, even when it appears completely insane and unsustainable.

The world will try to discredit your very existence or reason for being. You are here on this beautiful chaotic dynamic ever changing fucked up earth to do what you are meant to fulfill. You, like I may be trying to figure shit out still, but that’s part of the fun and challenge. Whatever happens it was meant for a reason and in every season you can learn some vital lessons for your continued hustle in the tussle.

“Elevate your Desire and Always Strive to get Higherno matter what happens around you today.

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