Color your World outside the Masquerade: Finding your Inner Divinity


In a society full of fake people, fake relationships, and fake drama; drawing closer to the ones you love is now more important than ever.

You don’t know what tomorrow brings, nor do you have a crystal ball to predict your future. But YOU do have YOU to decide what is best and the most profitable in your life to expand and enhance your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical well being. Who you choose to share that ‘safe space,’ closer than 6 feet is entirely up to YOU.

Defining who you are in this color scheme of life…it’s really all about rising above all that damn drama others draw you into. You alone decide your own ‘selfie moments,’ your own portrait to paint, your own song to sing, and your own dream to own.

You alone decide the type of world you choose to believe in. No matter what others say or do to bring you to their level.

You are above anyone else’s expectations. You are the smooth and savage ‘unforgettable One.’

So give yourself permission to kick some ass, even if it’s your own to get out of that bed you made for someone else.

-Mark Adam

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