Diverse Diversity

Divine Innocence

Remember as a child the dreams you had and the visions you conjured up not knowing how it became to be or from where it came.

We would visualize imaginary events, creative ideas, and obsess over recurring thoughts like if I can get that new bike, that science award, win the spelling bee, or make a new best friend to hang out with during lunch time. And when it manifested we were so happy that time literally meant nothing and we could run all the way home barefoot in the rain without an umbrella just because…

Well your life hasn’t really changed all that much. You are still the same person you were then. Only now you wear a different size in clothes and shoes and most likely know that a dollar bill doesn’t grow on trees so you max out your credit cards on a shopping spree with your long time college friend from UCLA.

Your life is now as much as it was then. So do what you feel like instead of what others tell you how they feel, unless you are in this thing together. Then you can both exchange text messages and share in your FB status of Its complicated or It’s blessed or you have yet to decide…

You will make mistakes, you will screw up. That’s what drinks are for and why you will go buy a pint of Ben and Jerry’s as you binge watch episodes of Glee on Hulu as you hold hands with your latest secret crush.

Life is short so why not just be happy and see where this new experience takes you.

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