I left my Halo by your One Night Stand next to your ex girlfriend’s photo.

Don’t fuck with my dreams, just because you can’t handle your own shit.

Life’s a bitch, but I’m that Bad Ass Beautiful Sinner you wish never left your bed.

Now you’re all alone dealing with the demons from your past. That love you once had seems to have vanished into the dark of the night. Lost forever because you didn’t have the fucking guts to say, I’ll Love Your Ass For Eternity.

But you can change out of your sweaty ass clothes sticking to every sculptured curve of your body. If only this one night, you can strip it all down and make it up. That sex is not the only thing in the way of crossing over into the other side of midnight.

I’ve got this shit. So dear God bless my beautiful mess and damn all that other crap my haters throw my way.

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