Elevate your Body Out your freakin mind – Use profanity sparingly (yeah right!)

The Power of One through Shared Love and Interactive Understanding

It’s much easier said than done. That do unto others as you would desire done unto you principle spoken about through the ages by wise men and women of faith in the greater humanity outside our messy inner complexities.

Relationships become that way as each person expects the other partner to fulfill a void and/or a promise to cherish and to behold until death (unto our physical and mental limitations) tears our heart and soul away from each other.

The Vow of Silence becomes our Summer of Fear and Loathing or a new Sounds of Silence as we channel surf through our Sirius XM.

But this Road Trip you are on doesn’t have to be more complicated than society let’s you believe. Like binge shopping on your first ever credit card gets you to forget that first lover you lost to your once BFF. A new style can get you buy as you post that beautiful mind on Instagram, but life as in love is a Learning Curve you only survive by doing and achieving your best. Even when you must deal with the crap of others. It’s this rather mundane pointless shit which gets cultivates that inner angel within us to hone in on our most badass sassy ass self even when we’re all alone.

Reflect your most imperfectly misaligned and most divinely fucked up self. You will attract others who will support you and empathize with you. Because we all know those narcissistic ‘Selfie perfect’ haters are only looking out and doing it for themselves, and you don’t need their shit in your life.

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