The Rapture Draws Nigh

We live not by bread alone but by the blood sacrifice of the unknown…

The protective circle protects our own; the watchers of the night. The angelic energy force which bonds us all as One body, mind, and spirit against the forces of darkness, against the sins of our forefathers, against the disease of a humanity gone insane with this virus of hate and intolerance from within.

Life is an illusion which can seal our own collective fate and fuck is all back into the great abyss from where it all began with a spark of light; one night of ravage savage passion between the sheets of heaven and hell.

So you say sex was a sin, however it was created first with the biggest fucking gang bang session of them all. That galactic orgasmic explosion casting forth all the constellations, the stars, the planets, and the Goddess of the Sun kicked His ass out into space. Maybe just because like all strong-willed beautiful majestic angelic beings she needed her own sanctuary and some peace of mind without some know it all creeping the shit out of her buzz and disturbing her tranquil blissful moment higher than her own essential blessings.

A Society Unraveling…

However you are still working your ass like the End of Fucking Days. You must get paid somehow; giving head to any guy or girl you meet lonely as fuck due to the mandatory social distancing and no public holding of hands laws in place. Ever after this Cali-Virus took around 70 percent of the population with it and our own governmental leadership as well.

Some say we are fucked, but we the god damn preppers (the resistance) were prepared and now we reside in a secured gated community which used to belong to the upper-middle class.

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