You just got to pray like you fuckin’ own it, even if you’re renting that ass day by day

Forgive my haters and bless them for they know not what they do… We have all been there. Some guy or girl…they give us a body check as if they are inspecting a new car or performing some quality control shit. You must accept who you are first. Regardless of your age, gender affiliation, sexual…Read more »

Cross of Decadence: Lit Ass Take Me Higher

The Cross of Decadence Oh God Yes I’m so fucking wet with insatiable desire. It’s as if heaven came down and fucked my soul until I couldn’t take anymore. Getting myself off would never even come close. Maybe the time I had my college crush watch me from across the room. I mean we had…Read more »

God Damn Regret. But I’m still too fuckin’ blessed to be stressed

‘Cause in this life you set your own rules. Fuck betrayal, heartbreak, and past one night stand regrets. You only got yourself to worry about. So forgive yourself and those whom have done you wrong and move past it. Life waits for no one and neither should you. Oh God Yes you make me wanna…Read more »

Undress to Impress – Strip (Foreplay) Success (from Cross of Seduction: Vaping Grace

But I’m in my nightgown-do you expect me to get dressed? I’m bathed and in bed-do you want me to get dirty? – Song of Songs 5:3 (the Message) Do unto others as you would desire done unto you… You project your best intentions when you look and feel spectacular. As my mother would always…Read more »

Change out of your Clothes and into Someone new – Because face it, you look damn good naked and too blessed to get dressed.

In the uncertainty of the world you must be the light of love to cast out the hate. Embrace others who share in your vision for a better world than the one we are living. Share your love. Fuck the hate. You can still Change your Life as you’ve heard in countless songs and from…Read more »

You’re my bad-ass salvation. Revive my kick-ass body back to life

You’re my obsession. Who do you want me to be to make you sleep with me. The 1984 Animotion song Obsession was a theme mantra for our generation. Sure nuclear war and a Red Dawn scenario were very real in our daily lives during the 80s. But we found our escape through sex, drugs, and…Read more »

I’m not lost. I just left my heart in a hopeful place outside my own body

Sometimes you have to lose control before you can find your soul. You will only change the world if you change your clothes and step outside yourself. We’ve all heard or seen the devastating news out of Paris. How can an iconic and priceless cultural, historical, and religious site go up in flames in the…Read more »

Jesus Vapes! Everyone else can just go to…

Jesus Vapes. Everyone else can go to that lame club down the street. I hear they blast Justin Bieber music as Selena Gomez wannabes have indiscriminate sex with their college crush. Now can there be any worse fate than this type of hell. Let me add to that, you’re also a broke ass fuck who…Read more »

Shape-shift your Shit – Masquerade of Collusion

A masquerade of collusion Ever get tired of the crap that’s going on in the world around you? So you didn’t get that dream position, that executive promotion, or win the lottery. You create your own destiny by taking the necessary actions; not by conjuring magical spells, consulting your psychic, or praying to your pot…Read more »

Vaping Hot Latte Love – #fuckinglivingnow

Oh Baby your Body Rocks… Like a mudslide all over my face, running down my bare chest to our special sacrificial place of love blessed at the Cross of Decadence. You may prefer the drink to get through the night but in the morning is when you’ve got to be born again. As you face…Read more »