I’m not lost. I just left my heart in a hopeful place outside my own body

Sometimes you have to lose control before you can find your soul.

You will only change the world if you change your clothes and step outside yourself.

We’ve all heard or seen the devastating news out of Paris. How can an iconic and priceless cultural, historical, and religious site go up in flames in the blink of an eye.

Even all things sacred when facing the forces of nature and all her destructive fiery cannot save itself against the fires of hell.

I recall the season as a study abroad student during my undergrad studies, as I stood there in awe and wonder of this majestic architectural masterpiece; Norte Dame Cathedral. My heart broke along with the global community in witnessing such an atrocity of all things sacred.

Our own lives are so damn fragile and prone to the fearsome symphony of destruction we see all around us. Life is so fleeting and temporary, yet we waste most of it away as we allow self-doubt, fear, uncertainty, stagnation, and worse of all; practical complacency to fuck our motivation to achieve more than we think we should have.

Get lost in the world around you and don’t let it spin without you grinding your desire with the one you love.

How much better would it be to enjoy the sunrise from the blissful comfort of an angelic embrace in a place where dreams are made of?

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