You’re my bad-ass salvation. Revive my kick-ass body back to life

You’re my obsession. Who do you want me to be to make you sleep with me.

The 1984 Animotion song Obsession was a theme mantra for our generation. Sure nuclear war and a Red Dawn scenario were very real in our daily lives during the 80s. But we found our escape through sex, drugs, and cheesy pop songs and still somehow managed to get through college and graduate school flying higher than the GPAs we were seeking. I mean some of my best times I ever had during my undergrad years were had while I studied in Germany and backpacking Europe with my partners whom I met by chance. But by far Amsterdam was the bomb ass lit place to be and Starbucks had nothing on the cafes in Europe.

As a side note, once Starbucks starts offering Space Cakes, Edible Pastries, Cannabis Coffee, and your choice of herbal escapes…And Barista Guru yoga specials. We can dream bigger can’t we. 420 should be a National fucking holiday anyways right up there with MLKs ‘I have a dream’ Remembrance Day.

You and I. We are all one and the same. We all have our own dream to share with others. We have passions which gets us out of bed and ones which keep us awake between sweat soaked sheets with the one we’re with.

You alone decide where you want to go with this story and who you want to add to your next chapter of love and desire.

Don’t let the sun go down on your desire. Write down your dreams (fulfilled and yet to be) on a scribble pad or your dream journal and keep it by your bed before you sleep. This practical step can be a very powerful Law of Attraction exercise to embrace the life you deserve.

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