Change out of your Clothes and into Someone new – Because face it, you look damn good naked and too blessed to get dressed.

In the uncertainty of the world you must be the light of love to cast out the hate. Embrace others who share in your vision for a better world than the one we are living.

Share your love. Fuck the hate.

You can still Change your Life as you’ve heard in countless songs and from innovative multicultural leaders the world over. Lady Gaga is one of the sickest bad-ass artist who has definitely changed the world for the better in her own signature fashion.

Maybe all you need is to get away from your fucked-up practical complacency and take the next opportunity to break on through to the other side. Or to create your own destiny with that Passion Angel you share a halo or a bong hit with every night.

It’s ok to give a shit about yourself first. Because no one will want to clean up after you or deal with the mess you make unless you can handle your own crap.

Be the Change you want to see in the world you live in. If you must Strip off everything and change into something more comfortable then do it together in love with the One you share your heart and soul with.

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