Vaping Hot Latte Love – #fuckinglivingnow

Oh Baby your Body Rocks…

Like a mudslide all over my face, running down my bare chest to our special sacrificial place of love blessed at the Cross of Decadence.

You may prefer the drink to get through the night but in the morning is when you’ve got to be born again. As you face the day. Just go all in with your eyes wide open as you embrace your purpose for #fuckinglivingnow.

Your path to success will get messy as a shit covered donut and as bitter as piss coffee. That’s just life and we all have our god damn cross to bare as we strip our fucked up faith from the fairy tale storyline of our youth.

So choose wisely who or what you let come deep inside your bad-ass body. They may not only steal your heart but penetrate your soul with their own passion and desires…vicariously living in between the sheets of your divine grace.


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