God Damn Regret. But I’m still too fuckin’ blessed to be stressed

Cause in this life you set your own rules. Fuck betrayal, heartbreak, and past one night stand regrets. You only got yourself to worry about. So forgive yourself and those whom have done you wrong and move past it. Life waits for no one and neither should you.

Oh God Yes you make me wanna shout at the devil and …

Come again and again for more than just the sickest one night of my life ever. The kind of love which has you skydiving naked from an airplane in the middle of a fucking tornado into the Land of Oz and a fat-ass blunt in between your thighs. All while flying high barking at the moon and screaming like you just don’t give a fuck that no one cares.

You are too damn bad-ass to fucking worry ’bout your god damn haters and nothing will stop you from banging your head against the wall until you knock it the fuck down.

Wake my Ass up before this Crazy Train departs for Hell or before I Go-Go Solo over the Cliffs of Malibu…

The ‘real sick bitch you’ should keep you awake at night until you achieve that dream you lose sleep over. You may be lucky to have a sweet angel laying next to you as you both push harder to penetrate any obstacles which stand in the way.

If you go it alone, take heart because the Universe will manifest the One in your life as you visualize and focus on what is always on your mind. And if you tell me it’s sex then you best pick up a new toy since guys have a shelf life of one night or less. Call it commitment issues or short attention span jerky boys.

God Damn Regret. As if you’re 10 years too late to the Prom and fucking your crush in the back of some decked-out neon lit limo. I still got shit to do, so fuck that past crap and everyone else’s for that matter. Because in the end, North Korea could bomb the shit out of LA anyways (or the rest of the US) and we all be dead or consuming each other’s radiated flesh…

The love you share in this world, you can control that change. It won’t mean anything to have all the indiscriminate sex you can get within a lifetime of short-lived romantic episodes. As if this is some hot new Netflix series to take over where Santa Clarita Diet left off. I mean I still think Drew Barrymore is sexy as heaven on earth and I dream of getting my junk touched by her but that’s another fantasy all in itself, minus the flesh eating part.

As you draw upon the forces of nature and align them with your passionate desires, you will achieve success in every area of your life. Just be mindful of who you share your sheets with and who steals the covers at night. They just might steal your heart and soul along with that stash you have hidden under your bed, along with that rabbit vibe you got going tonight.

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