Cross of Decadence: Lit Ass Take Me Higher

The Cross of Decadence

Oh God Yes I’m so fucking wet with insatiable desire.

It’s as if heaven came down and fucked my soul until I couldn’t take anymore. Getting myself off would never even come close. Maybe the time I had my college crush watch me from across the room. I mean we had impromptu sex once in the back room of Starbucks. But that grind as our asses got roasted on top the dark side blend.

I’ll just come out and say it. I love to fuck. I also find myself pussy shopping just a little too much.But what can I say, ‘ god damn diversity’s a way of life for me.’

You can blow some hot new thing off and experience a messy facial of ecstasy or you can get your own damn body off until your desire for more gushes forth like a fucking waterfall.

Fuck your destiny out loud until she screams at the top of her lungs, “Don’t stop until you push it in as far as you allow yourself to go. Time, money, education…none of that shit should matter if you focus on your dreams.

Like a fucking sex addiction and inhaling your darkest decadent sins from your own Garden of Eden resting her head between your wet lavender scented thighs. Your secret stash should never run out. Just as your will to come and overflow your cup, that deep penetrating desire should stay wet until you achieve your passion-orgasmic success.

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