Undress to Impress – Strip (Foreplay) Success (from Cross of Seduction: Vaping Grace

But I’m in my nightgown-do you expect me to get dressed? I’m bathed and in bed-do you want me to get dirty?

– Song of Songs 5:3 (the Message)

Do unto others as you would desire done unto you…

You project your best intentions when you look and feel spectacular. As my mother would always say, “You can dress like a million bucks even if you don’t have anything.” I will add, but the clothes on your back and some reserve stash in your pack.

I’ll paraphrase by saying, “If you first change your outlook on life and your mindset, then you can change out of your past choices and stained clothes…into something new and defiantly radiant.”

You can be dirt poor and still be rich as heaven in attitude and God-given potential. You need not give a care to those who don’t share in your vision and dream for a better future. We have too many ‘talking heads’ in the world who can’t even wipe their own ‘butts.’ Our most valuable assets is not that thing you’re sitting on, but it’s in the way that you use it (your creative as well as sexual intelligence) and who you do it with. The adage is very much true in the professional world as it is in your private spaces and the comfort of your own secluded dreams.

There are two types of people in this world; assholes who need others to clean up their messy lives after they fuck up on themselves and those of us whom I reference as ‘The Shit’ who can adapt to the changing environment (Shapeshifting their own Shit) and embracing each new challenge as another opportunity to fuck harder than ever before.

‘Comfort-Seekers’ are always like those friends or colleagues of yours who will sleep with whoever and kiss their ass just to get ahead. They will always say to themselves, but I don’t have the education, social status, economic security, family support, or steady faith to pursue my dreams and desires for greater than my circumstances. How will I ever be successful?

Leaders make sure they know what is best for their own life, body, and mind so they can bless others in return. They can very well find their own passion angels to help each other along the path to true destiny.

I don’t know about you, however arrogance and overinflated pride are not virtues which turn me on. You can be self-confident and love your passionate body. But if you only receive from others and never give (positive energy and affirmations back; orally or through non-verbal cues) then you are missing out on a truly passionate on-purpose life.

The greatest blessing you can ever offer someone else unconditionally is the gift of love. When you have nothing else but the clothes on your back. You can strip it all off and lose everything. And you will still have love within to share onto others.

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