Undress to Impress – Strip (Foreplay) Success (from Cross of Seduction: Vaping Grace

But I’m in my nightgown-do you expect me to get dressed? I’m bathed and in bed-do you want me to get dirty? – Song of Songs 5:3 (the Message) Do unto others as you would desire done unto you… You project your best intentions when you look and feel spectacular. As my mother would always…Read more »

You’re my bad-ass salvation. Revive my kick-ass body back to life

You’re my obsession. Who do you want me to be to make you sleep with me. The 1984 Animotion song Obsession was a theme mantra for our generation. Sure nuclear war and a Red Dawn scenario were very real in our daily lives during the 80s. But we found our escape through sex, drugs, and…Read more »

Jesus Vapes! Everyone else can just go to…

Jesus Vapes. Everyone else can go to that lame club down the street. I hear they blast Justin Bieber music as Selena Gomez wannabes have indiscriminate sex with their college crush. Now can there be any worse fate than this type of hell. Let me add to that, you’re also a broke ass fuck who…Read more »

Studies Show Cannabis Targeting, Killing Cancer Cells – New Series on Exposing the Truth of Cannabis. Why going green will not only save the planet but our own humanity.

As a result of numerous studies as well as anecdotes from patients across the world, research has shown that cannabis can target cancer effectively. — Read on http://www.medicaljane.com/2013/12/18/studies-suggest-cannabinoids-may-kill-human-cancer-cells/ God created natural remedies in the Garden of Eden as well as the earth overall. The exploitation of the environment and manipulation of the climate from planes…Read more »

California ‘Cannabis’ Dreaming of American ‘Hemp’ Pie

https://www.marijuanamoment.net/first-congressional-marijuana-vote-of-2019-officially-scheduled-for-next-week/ The best way to ensure full legalization under the current political leadership is to get involved, invest in the cannabis stocks, and pressure our elected officials to End the Feds control over our alternative and holistic health and therapy choices.

Vaping Hot Latte Love – #fuckinglivingnow

Oh Baby your Body Rocks… Like a mudslide all over my face, running down my bare chest to our special sacrificial place of love blessed at the Cross of Decadence. You may prefer the drink to get through the night but in the morning is when you’ve got to be born again. As you face…Read more »

Your Own Wonderful Walls – #vapingfaith

Just another brick in the… Wall around your greenhouse life. We tend to build barricades to protect ourselves from ourselves. The outside world can be an intimidating and threatening place if we choose to allow others to decide how we are to act. Our career, position, material possessions, bank accounts, stock investments, family commitments, and…Read more »

The Farm Bill, hemp legalization and the status of CBD: An explainer

Signed Thursday by President Trump. I predict he will include cannabis and hemp as his national narrative for ensuring more union jobs, alternative health care choices, and the decriminalization of marijuana from the federal level. Time to invest our money in these stocks and push Trump for the win and a greener future for us…Read more »

Investing In Hemp Stocks: Getting Started With Hemp And The Green Resurgence In This Global Cash Crop – Cannabis Stocks

Investing In Hemp Stocks: Getting Started With Hemp & Cannabis Stocks — Read on http://www.google.com/amp/s/ministryofhemp.com/blog/investing-in-hemp-stocks/amp/ Now is the time to seriously consider diversifying your portfolios and invest in the resurgence of this vital cash crop which can save our country from financial catastrophe. Anyone with tips or emerging companies to invest in please feel free…Read more »