Studies Show Cannabis Targeting, Killing Cancer Cells – New Series on Exposing the Truth of Cannabis. Why going green will not only save the planet but our own humanity.

As a result of numerous studies as well as anecdotes from patients across the world, research has shown that cannabis can target cancer effectively.
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God created natural remedies in the Garden of Eden as well as the earth overall. The exploitation of the environment and manipulation of the climate from planes spraying chemicals both on the ground and in our upper atmosphere is poisoning our fragile ecosystem. In Genesis it is written, “I’ve given you every sort of seed-bearing plant on Earth and every kind of fruit-bearing tree. Given to you for food (and medicine).” I believe the Holistic Healer is that Angelic Doctor who has a prescription for all who ask the Universe. “If you ask in faith, no matter your religion or lack thereof. You just have to go directly to the source. We all have the God DNA within us and angels to direct the energy necessary for our own internal or external healing. Cannabis may just be that seed planted in the Garden to eliminate all physical and mental transgressions.” Mark Adam 2019

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