Your Own Wonderful Walls – #vapingfaith

Just another brick in the…

Wall around your greenhouse life.

We tend to build barricades to protect ourselves from ourselves. The outside world can be an intimidating and threatening place if we choose to allow others to decide how we are to act.

Our career, position, material possessions, bank accounts, stock investments, family commitments, and life partner; all can be bricks we place on the wall to protect ourselves from ‘those haters’ who envy our every desire.

Why else do we live together with others who share and embrace our same passions, lifestyle choices, and social status.

It’s perfectly natural to desire community and our inherent need for a safe place to work, worship, and raise a family.

Just don’t let either your social or mental walls keep you from accepting the diversity of your Universally-divine purpose for living out your dream. Even if you sleep with your eyes wide open.

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