Finding your Calm in the Chaos: Shapeshifting your own Shit into Cosmic Bliss

When forces of nature collide, is when Life gives birth to the Light within our very soul.

The Act of Forecasting your Emotional Response to the Moment

You choose your own path, your own journey, your own revival. The moment you decide to take action, to change your paradigm, to shift a new position towards your chosen destiny, is the trigger that releases that cosmic universal flare of energy that will knock you off balance, off your feet, and maybe on your ass when you least expect it.

This is what we need to get our body back into the reality that is waiting, ever so desperately, for us to move (or dance, run, skip) into the blessings on the other side of that ‘space’ which keeps us socially-distanced from even ourselves. We need to get close…and I mean real close to the ones we love and the ones who will make change possible. Because we are all on this shit together, in varying stages of undress, and chaotic degrees of heightened emotional awareness and intellectual enlightenment, that will move mountains and part the seas of our own past transgressions on our way to transgender acceptance for who we really are deep inside.

The moment you make that choice to be happy and to create beauty out of shit ( that the world throws at you) is the moment change begins in and through you to that purpose-driven life the Universe embraces you with to conjure up your best desires yet to come in your present.

After all, you are a gift to be unwrapped and cherished by that special someone who will be there for you, no matter what. Because nothing else matters in the end except love.

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