Today your Bad Ass Angel wants you to know…

A change of style will elevate your inner vibe.

A change of style will elevate your inner vibe and levitate your body and mind to a higher sensation. You are energy, you are vibrating and pulsating at such intensity that your consciousness cannot possibly understand in your awakened state. Only when you close your eyes and ‘crossover’ into your delta sleep ‘fantasy world’ can your subconscious work for you in achieving the impossible.

Your dreams are speaking volumes to you and those ‘voices’ communicating with you may have the answers you’ve been searching for. When you allow your mind permission to expect the unforeseen outcomes in your favor and not just accept your circumstances as fate, you can change the direction of your projected trajectory. Life is yours to create, to procreate that inner being striving to be set free, as you give birth to that child. Forever young and grateful in the magic of a simple life, one full of play and joyful opportunities.

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