Your Own Wonderful Walls – #vapingfaith

Just another brick in the… Wall around your greenhouse life. We tend to build barricades to protect ourselves from ourselves. The outside world can be an intimidating and threatening place if we choose to allow others to decide how we are to act. Our career, position, material possessions, bank accounts, stock investments, family commitments, and…Read more »

Serenity on my knees while I worship at your feet – I strip everything off (all in the name of love)

Oh God Yes…You make my mind hurt so fuckin’ good Doesn’t it just feel so good to be bad. Much like lounging barefoot on the couch with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and some dark chocolate covered edibles. And to think your relatives thought that rainbow bong you had out on the coffee table…Read more »

The Farm Bill, hemp legalization and the status of CBD: An explainer

Signed Thursday by President Trump. I predict he will include cannabis and hemp as his national narrative for ensuring more union jobs, alternative health care choices, and the decriminalization of marijuana from the federal level. Time to invest our money in these stocks and push Trump for the win and a greener future for us…Read more »

Love in the Trump Epiphany – Mood Swings into the Hazy Shades of Winter

Apology not accepted at this time. Apply someplace else, except maybe the government. Speak your god damn mind or else remain silent. You have that right and no one (YES NO ONE) not even your fuck buddy can take that away from you. But then that means you can speak with impunity about anything and…Read more »

Love should be shared and expressed in more than words – Find your Song with the Soul of an Angel

Finding your own song in the noise of this life… It’s not easy doing what you feel is right. You may be alone in this journey for one season too many. My mother has been away for far too long. In fact last time I spoke to her was on the evening of February 06,…Read more »

Investing In Hemp Stocks: Getting Started With Hemp And The Green Resurgence In This Global Cash Crop – Cannabis Stocks

Investing In Hemp Stocks: Getting Started With Hemp & Cannabis Stocks — Read on Now is the time to seriously consider diversifying your portfolios and invest in the resurgence of this vital cash crop which can save our country from financial catastrophe. Anyone with tips or emerging companies to invest in please feel free…Read more »