Embrace your Wild and Weird

Own your Wild Wild Weird You’re not from around here are ya? I used to hear that expression just about every day when I lived out in North Carolina. I’d venture out from Raleigh and head out to Garner; most famous for Scotty McCreery. At least that’s what their welcome to our country sign said.…Read more »

Love speaks Louder than Hate – Action speaks Louder than Words

7:38 AM Pacific Time To most it’s just another minute rounding to the next second of our daily hustle. Students gathering together, talking amongst themselves about what they did the day before and what they plan to do now. One random act of violence. One decision conjured up in the mind of a very disturbed…Read more »

Forever Young. Forever Yours. Forever Fucked 2 Perfection.

My Messy Sassy Assy BFF Fling Called Love Love is when you both can look each other in the eye and already know what the other person is saying before they even speak. Friendship is when you both can resolve each other’s differences with laughter and a hug. Relationship is when you can give a…Read more »

Wake up! But don’t bother with your makeup or even your trendy-ass clothes. Strip naked to your new reality.

http://www.instagram.com/p/B4Id_8JlHlp/ You got just this one life. What you gonna do with it and who you wanna do it with.

Viewing your World Topless – Change your Clothes, Change your Perspective

Latte Me Grateful Cups of Passion Your mobile order to sprint out the cafe door and kick-ass in the world you create. Isn’t that what our daily hustle should look like. This winning attitude in order to own the higher altitude you expect from others as you do for your own espresso self. So today…Read more »