Cleaning your Sheets

Change your Position. Change your Mind.

The first thing you do when you get home depends on your mood and attitude. If you had a good day, you’re more likely to be relaxed and ready to unwind with some meditation, yoga, exercise, mental health activity, reading, preparing some healthy food, etc.

You are also most likely to strip off anything that is work related, as in your uniform, your outfit, your shoes, your shirt and tie, etc. and get into something a bit more comfortable or perhaps wear less around the house.

That’s exactly where our mind should be. Just as we ‘let go’ of the outside world, taking everything off that hinders our freedom to move and dance about…So we do the same with our innermost desires of the heart.

You will move forward towards that direction your mind is visualizing. If you don’t see it, then you won’t know where to walk towards. It’s that simple, your mental GPS will choose the trajectory of your bare feet, as you release all that negative energy you left at the doormat.

Changing your sheets is that one nightly process, just as you change into your clothes in the morning. It’s what you think about before you go to bed, and it’s who you embrace in the morning before you get out of bed that decides your future and your life.

You must first see that ideal person, that thought, that dream, and that desire before you can even change your present reality. And it all began with a simple changing of your sheets.

Mark Adam

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