The Sign says Do Not Disturb (the Disturbed): Because the Night belongs to L-US-T

You are the Storm

They say the storm is coming and our climate is changing. I believe the storm is not in the air you breathe, but deep within your soul.

Chapter 1: Caligina

Jesus saves and the Cross sets you free. At least that’s what the sign said at the Crossroads between the sacred and the profane; or in this case the notorious AV Red Lip Squad and Area 69 someplace in the Nevada Desert.

In the end does it really matter when all you have is what’s hidden beneath all your clothes and the sheets you sleep alone or with somebody you used to know.

Destiny is a gamble. As savage and salacious as that one night fling in Vegas. I remember her quite fondly, her blond hair blowing in the Santa Ana wind with her top pulled down in the hot summer sun.

Holly fled to Sin City in a stolen car, her ex’s piece of shit, but she got away from that abusive Son of a Bitch and gone her own way. She banged on my door that late afternoon, perhaps for one more sex or to ask me to accompany her on that long unexpected trip to change her life and the life of her infant son.

She took hold of the steering wheel and threw that dashboard Saint and Buddha out the god damn window as she sped off down that Interstate to Destination Unknown…

Chapter 2: Come faster, Climax at the Full Blood Moon

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