Smooth and Savage: Pretty and Sick in Purple Velvet and Lace (episodes under the Purple Moon)

Smooth and Savage

It may take two or three to tango, depending on your fucking mood swings while your on that sex swing…

Reminds me of this girl from my class at Cal State. I won’t say which school nor any fictitious aliases to protect the dirty and innocent ones…

Well we were all honors, the Noticeable Ones, the committee members, ASB, the head of the class. And some of us, not me, but some would get ahead of the learning curve ‘behind’ closed doors if you know what I mean. So many negotiations were finalized in the climax of the term… let’s just say the President of the University had to convene in secret session with the Self-Righteous of the Community to revise policy and mandate that all professor offices be ‘open door’ quite literally so all meetings between staff and student were fully transparent and visible for any listening and prying eye. That’s where I come in, Voyeur in Chief and living vicariously through the Sex Stories of others.

FUCK!!! I spent way too much time actually doing committee work, appearing on television, and speaking on behalf of the greater ‘common good’ of our students at large. In the evenings you’d find me in the library or a private study smoking pot and reading something intellectually stimulating.

Ok, you got me. The latter still holds true though. I’d smoke a blunt by the creek which ran through campus as I dreamed of traveling the world with that girl next to me in class; International Relations 101. The actual public policy studies thereof, not actual fucking exchange students, although that would come later and be a high possibility given the dynamics of the student body in the School of Government Department…

They called us the Dreamers, the Instigators, the Creators of our own fucking illusionary hallucinations. The Alice in Wonderland of the Emerald ‘Too High to Fucking Fly’ Triangle. From the cultivated culture of pop rock and Seattle grunge, we were the Rebels with a Cause yelling at the top of our fucking pot filled lungs.


Cannabis saves lives. Big Pharma kills.

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