Be the Savage Bitch Breaking Bad and Kick Ass Free

“As we kneel down before our cross of profane passion in the sacred epiphany of this insane time before us, let us be reminded of the faith within which prepares us to fight against the haters of humanity along this journey of love everlasting. “

“Blessed be the ones who kick-ass no matter the storms. They will receive all the best shit because they know how to work their bodies and minds to achieve it.”

Passion Purge 2020

Your body your mind your fucking choice to be free…

In these trying times your mind is tested and your body is checked. As your internal temperature rises so does the climate of change externally revolving around you.

If you stay quarantined and self-contained you play it safe at home. But your bed was made for rocking and rolling as passion controls your game. So as you light up the fire between blood red lips and the sheets you share your most intense intimate thoughts and desires with…just keep one thing in mind. It’s perhaps the best kept secret to living life in the now and not in the past.

You may have hid behind a mask for the past few weeks in isolation or self-preservation. Today is your better day to strip off everything because you damn well deserve to be as free as you allow yourself to be.

So go ahead. It’s your new executive order to kick some ass and set your mind, body, and soul free.

This is your revival. In the race to survive the raging storm inside you must endure the chaos of lies outside the world which pushes you harder to fight back even stronger.

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