If your passionate rage causes me to sin, then lead me into temptation as we’re consumed by the fires of our heavenly damnation in love for one another…So help me Goddess Divine…

If you don’t rage with unfettered desire, who’s really fueling your inner fire. Your body should be consumed in flames so intense even your clothes burn off your skin as you kneel before the one you love.If your passion causes me to sin then forgive my lustful intentions and let us walk through the valley of fire together in our eternal embrace of saving grace…

“Living your best life yet means taking no shit from anyone, even those who think they know what may be better for you.

You alone decide which path to take at the crossroads in this season and the next. Part of the fun is allowing yourself to explore all the options before you and choosing what you feel your heart, body, and mind so desires.

Just don’t think too much about it or too long; do what you feel your intuition or inner angel is speaking through you to do.

The Stars are aligned in your initiation ceremony. However you feel most comfortable and open; by releasing anything physically bound to you (stripping off all your outer garments in unconditional surrender to become more vulnerable, with or without others, meditating in nature or a conditioned environment, or lighting of incense, candles, and smoking a natural organic herb). But act freely and in accordance with the Law of Attraction in mind as you visualize on your best to come without hesitation.

Because even in the midst of a storm or a catastrophic crisis or world transforming event we all find ourselves swirling in many times, the Universe keeps guiding us along no matter what if we allow ourselves to be open to love outside the circumstances of this journey and the next.”

Passion Pandemic 2020

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