Wind of Change your Clothes to Match your Kick Ass Attitude

Be your own Wind of Change

You may have woken up in the same bed, on the other side, or just maybe you slept in someone else’s.

Wherever and whoever you decide to share your deepest passions and desires with just make sure you’re your own best dream catcher. You may both look each other straight in the eye and speak without any verbal cognitions. You may even affirm each other’s most attractive and emotional traits and express them into a more blissful state of synergy.

You decide ultimately and without regret your best life now and yet to come. Don’t wait until that perfect selfie moment when you have everything you need right this moment to make it happen.

Your Wind of Change is telling you now to get dressed and face that incoming storm and the presiding sunrise. Do it with a shared confidence and determination with the One you love and be that Change you Visualize so much to Manifest into your “Super Imperfectly Aligned Perfect Excuse To Just Be Yourself No Matter What Others Say and Kick Some Ass.”

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