Never lose your faith in this reality, nor lose hope in your destiny. You’re better than all this crap and you will kick-ass through this shit storm and the next. Because the Universe has your back and will protect your body, mind, and soul from any force of nature.

Say this out loud as you look at your bad-ass naked self in the mirror, “I am a beautifully energized spiritual being. I am a positive reflection of the Light of God in the chaos of the storm. I am hope for humanity and love for a world in need of more compassion and less fear or hate. I am a survivor of this storm and the next. No force of nature and no hater will ever bring me down to the ground. I am defiantly strong in the face of my enemies; both the unseen and the unspoken. I am blowing through the other side of the fucking darkness and I’m going to stay alive and kicking all the way until I reach my desire for so much more than I ever dreamed possible into the embrace of that ‘awesome thing called everlasting love.”

May all of you currently in quarantine and home stay remain vigilant and safe from harm. We will see you all soon in the global community we call home. I look forward to hearing your stories of hope, love, encouragement, and inspiration in the days and months ahead. I would love to share them here on my blog, along with pics, vids, spoken or unspoken words of desire and passion for more. Just let me know. Love you all. Please respond to the comments section below or drop me a direct message.

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