Finding Joy and Calm Within Any Storm and Any Situation

Your Passion Pandemic Outbreak of Love

Applying the 5 Second Rule to more joy in your current circumstances.

Mel Robbins wrote a compelling book called ‘The 5 Second Rule. You can change your life with dynamic transformational results. Yes it does seem crazy that as much as you change your clothes you can change the climate you are in.

Now we have this global crisis on our hands, however I’m going to continue looking towards the end of the storm. We all may find ourselves in our own personal storms right now. It may feel uncontrollable and uncertain, but maybe God is using this turn of events to strengthen your resolve and steady your faith and trust in all the Universe still has planned for you.

So start by waking up without hitting that snooze button. Ok it’s easier said than done. I used to have an alarm clock that responded to voice commands. I’d tell it to shut up and it would go into auto-snooze mode. Now I’ll set 10 alarms just to be safe.

But seriously if you start with incremental steps, those infant steps to change then you can decide how better to use your time. Both between the sheets and during the grind. All you ‘essential Starbucks baristas’ will know just how vital the hustle is when you get that grind on. Because some of us need a ‘whole latte love’ just to get through this journey of life.

Now is your moment to see how far desire can take you in reaching higher than the chaos swirling beneath your bare feet.

Now go make life happen.

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