Bare Naked Brevity-Embrace Your Passion

Sometimes all you’ve got to give is what’s under your clothes and within your heart.

Braless Faith

Have you ever driven naked?

Maybe not physically, but creatively and romantically with the one you love. Listening to your fav song on Sirius XM while the cool California breeze blows across your sun-baked skin and teasing your free-flowing hair.

BPM is my fav station of all time. Perhaps your choice of music fits your passion in life. You may be in the mood for a certain artistic desire to inspire your inner potential for greater than your seatbelt constraints.

Life as in love is a journey we all must travel on; alone at times, but hopefully most of the time with someone we can do a savory duet in sync to the rhythm of our collective soul.

Don’t worry ’bout tomorrow, because you really only have the choices today which will decide the road you’re on. So bring a change of clothes and some stash if you dare and see where the Universe takes you.

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