Pick your Battles – But defend like hell your innermost desire to perform your ‘Best Shit Yet.’

Sharing in love is far more courageous than disdain and hate. It’s so much easier to allow the pain to numb our senses as we medicate our bodies any chance we get. The pleasure giving us a momentary release as we postpone facing the truth within.

Shit happens, but so does life. Either way you have to move on, because if you don’t you’ll be that much farther away from change.

I can lie to you and say everything is all right and fucking awesome. But why not be bluntly honest and face that demon in denim vaping away as the smoke screen shields their greatest fear looking back at you in the mirror.

Find that one thing now. Perhaps it’s someone close to you, a person you want to know better, an experience you desire to embrace, or an opportunity you must do in proving to yourself you are still ‘the Shit’ and you still got it. Rockin’ hot kick-ass body, or the mind to just say ‘Fuck this noise’ and blow your own shit up no matter what someone else thinks or says.

Life is way to short in worrying about the perception of others or even how you look in the mirror. So ditch that self-help podcast, your makeup…even your clothes and do something about it.

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