God Bless my Best Shit and God Damn my Fucking Haters

“The moment you start to embrace the good along with the bad, as you face the pain and fuck it away with your kick-ass inner bitch. This is the time you will realize your shit is the best and you don’t give a damn about what others say or think about you.”

The world is fucked up but you don’t have to be. This society of 5 G radiated Fukushima sushi and plastic contaminated oceans of death. Governor Inslee may have a global climate changing plan to save our ass from a fiery catastrophic damnation, but let’s just all toke up on the best pot Washington has to offer. We all gonna die someday anyways. President Trump, legalize this miracle plant and commercialize hemp now.

If this is the only life we have on the dark side of heaven, then send me an angel to save me from my sins of complacency.

Because in this life you may be on your own for a season or two but you can change how you view your current circumstances. Your state of being is only limited by your state of mind. Not by your social status or how great your sex life is (or not). Maybe you live a very routine existence, flying under the social radar as a stealth introvert gender-neutral extrovert.

Who really gives a fuck how and by whom you associate with, vote for, choose sides over, or even sleep with in your private life. It’s no one’s god damn business except yourself and that person you mutually agree to embrace your passion with. As long as it doesn’t interfere in your executive career performance or destroy your inner circle emotionally and financially then fuck what society thinks about it.

It’s as if their sanctimonious shit don’t stink as they warm their pretentious little asses in the pews while worshiping for their own self-benefit in church. Oh Dear Lord please grant me my unlimited wishes as I tithe that 10 percent of my paycheck; on the gross not take home. Wash your own ass and feet by the way because Jesus don’t got time to stoop down and kiss your freshly pedicured toes.

As soon as you choose to be grateful for what you have now, then you will allow the Universe that opportunity to bless you with even more abundance. But you must be patient and willing to risk your own vulnerability; stripping it all off (not just your clothes, but your own preconditioned mindset).

Mind fuck your own desire into reality and manifest the best damn shit money can buy. You only have so many years to work that ass in making your own fantasy come to life. Believe that you will and have faith in yourself to achieve better than your fucked up past choices. Change out of your old clothes and into something more comfortably your own.

If you allow others to control your life through the choices they force upon you then are you truly free. Your employer, family, church, partner…no one knows your shit better than you. Therefore no other person should change your life except for you alone.

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