Fuck your Fear and Embrace the Fire Within – #FYF

“The greatest challenge keeping you from achieving your very best may just be yourself.”

Fuck your own Fear…Don’t allow it to fuck you.

You have a choice. To be happy, sad, regretful, hopeful. To be spoon fed baby food or to eat organic GMO-free sustenance or fake media fast-food crap.

You can only control the things within your ability to overcome. You therefore through the Universal Forces of Faith can become One with the Storm or allow the current of discontent and delusion swept you off the course God meant for you to embrace.

If we are lucky enough, with the soul partner of our wildest and most ‘passiongasmicof dreams.

Go forth and fear not the path I have prepared before you. All you must do is believe in the unseen yet to be achieved.

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