God Damn Evil and Bless Me Good in My Circle of Intervention

To give of ourselves in love to share with others. This is the most intimate and vulnerable thing we can do with our innermost passions. You can only stay on your knees for so long until you must position yourself for something deeper than before…

Your body, mind, and entirety of Universal energy must be released and shared with others in order to receive greater outside ourselves.

Only when we openly explore all of life’s possibilities and opportunities and align them up with our fullest potential can we become who the Universe created us to be.

Every shared or self-initiated experience is a life lesson to be harnessed for all its creative and transformational experiences.

Stop trying to be a saint or daddy’s little girl from yesteryear. You were born the way you are and God don’t make mistakes. Only as imperfect humans we fuck up but we learn from those life lessons what not to do the next time. At least we hope. But life nor love stays in one place or in one bed and neither should we.

Love is useless and a damn waste of our valuable resources and time if we don’t share it with others. In fact love only comes alive when we strip off everything and bare our bodies, minds, and souls to the One who set us free from all imperfect humility and shame.

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