Diversity will set us free – from ‘Breaking through the Walls’

In Celebration of Diversity

Our Shared Diversity – Breaking of Bread over Spilled Wine

It only takes the courage of one person to initiate change. Others may be looking for someone else in this great cultural chasm to follow. You can be that leader our world needs right now. Why not let God work through you and lead the way.

It takes courage to be the leader in your own destiny and to embrace the good with the bad. Even when you face the fear and hate of your adversary. The ‘Walls’ you come up against may be physical, spiritual, mental, financial, political, or cultural.

These barriers will be used by your haters as a means to intimidate you into submission. Instead you initiate the love you were born to plant as a seed in dry soil. You will no longer be deserted or left to wander in a mirage of illusion and confusion.

You are deserving of so much greater than in servitude to someone else’s dream and aspirations. It’s time now for you to grab a sledgehammer and tear down those walls which prevent you from fulfilling your freedom to embrace hope through your change within.

Following someone else can be so much easier than standing up for what you believe. But once you do neither heaven nor hell will stop you from ‘transforming your passion into action.’

Be it faith, politics, social change, women rights, personal choice, or gender equality…we all have a passionate and unique purpose for why we were created.

In order to take a stand you must get off your knees and face the fear you’ve been praying against. What good is faith if you don’t apply it in any and every situation.

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