Serenity on my knees while I worship at your feet – I strip everything off (all in the name of love or lustful intensity)

Oh God Yes…You make my mind hurt so fuckin’ good

Doesn’t it just feel so good to be bad. Much like lounging barefoot on the couch with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and some dark chocolate covered edibles. And to think your relatives thought that rainbow bong you had out on the coffee table was a vase.

Life can always be like a Saturday night making out to your fav comfort foods while watching Netflix with your cuddle bunny. We tend to make friendships and relationships even more complicated than they should and with more drama than a Trump Summit Tweet Fest.

Stop waiting for the right moment. It’s more likely that Kim Jong-un will embrace capitalism before you have that selfie-perfect sloppy wet kiss with your soulmate. It’s like your first time; awkward and obscene but one you’ll always remember.

Much like regrets. If you don’t take that chance and do that scrungy dive then you won’t ever know what it is you really came for.

You may have to compromise just a bit so you can negotiate that fair trade agreement between the sheets.

Building walls or boundaries around our bodies only limits our potential for greatness within as we explore the diversity our passions drive us to.

Open borders brings with it that open transparency we can all embrace as we collectively work together for solutions to our global positioning. In a climate of chaotic rage isn’t it worth seeking first to understand our shared differences before fucking each other till we’re faded and blue in the face.

Now let’s push our President to end the federal mandate against cannabis and full legalization across all 50 states. The legalization of hemp in the Farm Bill is the first major step on revitalizing our national economy. Kudos to Trump and McConnell for that one.

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