Buy Your Own Skinny Jeans – Read My Ass(ets)

Time to make your own headlines and not give it to someone else.

You can turn off that television or block that newsfeed on your social media if you’re sick and tired of the Trump News Network by yours truly; CNN, Fox, and George Soros funded sources.

I think I speak for the majority of Americans and other global citizens in saying we don’t give a crap about electing a Pope or Saint. We elected someone who we hoped would usher in a new change and direction for our country and world trade relations.

That said we can all take some advice from Stephen Covey’s effective leadership rule book and seek to understand then to be understood. In other words, “listen with intent to engage others and not to react with emotional rhetorical rage.” In layman’s terms, BS can be wrapped beautifully in a cute and tight little box, but until you open it up you won’t know the shit you’ve got.

The same goes for life and politics for that matter. We can wipe our own asses and blow our own noses clean. We just want to be able to afford to acquire the resources and means to do it without our hard-earned tax dollars being flushed down the drain or used for lavish perks or celebrity golf vacations.

You can try to change someone’s mind or views to better suit your own. But there will never be a one size fits all in the changing room of life. So let’s appreciate the different styles of faith in humanity around us and just buy some better clothes that fits our own personal success wardrobe.

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