Kissing Faith’s Ass Along your Road to Desire – Setting the Stage on Fire

Standing on the Edge of Forever

Living in an age of tweets and instant gossip about others are conditioning ourselves to a hot or cold Starbucks atmosphere. We want it Venti and we need it now. Even if it’s caffeinated shit topped with some whip cream and rainbow sprinkles for taste. After all maybe it’s your fucking birthday and what you really want is a surprise party with your crush but it’s not going to happen. At least not yet.

It’s as though we lost all desire for the foreplay of discourse in our daily lives and just need to plug our device into the nearest outlet we can find.

Maybe we are just too busy at work to give a care about the future and our retirement plans or lack of. Every election we hope for a savior to lead us out of this hell we created for ourselves, only to get our ass thrown under the bus along that road most traveled.

Looking for the Perfect Fuck only to get fucked by association with the wrong person you thought was God’s gift to set you free from your own misery.

Finding yourself will never be easy and setting realistic and achievable goals won’t be conjured from a genie in a Victoria’s Secret Amazon order.

You create your own signature style by being as weird or quirky as you wanna be. Even if it means kicking or kissing someone’s ass along the way to destiny.

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