Making your own bed to sleep in – You choose who to dream with

Lavender Dream and Strawberry Cream…

Changing your life for the better will involve a change of your past. Changing the sheets on your unmade bed may be just the refreshed perspective you need to take that first step.

God did not create you to chase the shadows of your past and appease them by sleeping with strangers to ease the pain. It’s as if there is or should be a drug or prescription for anything; even to escape our own fucked up reality. Personally I’m damn sure I’d be living overseas in Amsterdam shacking it up with an angelic whore as we trip on the wild side.

Maybe our indecisiveness or bad choices led us to this place in order to save our souls from eternal damnation. Because everyone knows there will be no sex in hell; maybe in purgatory but even there you’ll be in bed with some meth head from Bakersfield who will give you an STD or genital herpes. In heaven you’ll have your pick of any angelic being your heart so desires while singing to love songs by Adriana Grande and Selena Gomez. Sorry Beyoncé you gotta bounce.

Strip faith…As you get on your knees to pray…

Getting back to the basics. Something as simple as making your own bed is an invitation to allow a new dream to transpire within your body, mind, and soul. When you open your heart up to the Universe you allow the opportunity for love to enter into and all over you.

At the very least you can allow yourself to embrace your passion and explore new opportunities with someone as crazy and quirky as you.

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