Post-Election Night OMFG Sex – Going down for the recount

Shit fucking happens, but so does anti-depressant sexual therapy…

If all else fails, just stay calm and find somebody to fuck your mental pain away.

It’s that after election night blues for some, red wine spilling on the white velvet couch for others, and strip poker for the ones who bet it all. In the end it’s not if you win or lose; its if you’ve got the stamina to stay in the game.

Things won’t always go your way or as planned; in fact most of the time you’ll get screwed and have to quickly recover to get over it. But no matter how hard we cross our legs across someone’s ass or our fingers down their chest, your deepest desires will never be realized unless you get out of that complacency you find yourself in.

You can blink and make a wish for a change or take that bull by the horns and blow their brains out with your own secret ballot box.

What better way to embrace change. By first changing out of our own clothes then into someone else’s. Seeing the world through the diversity of another, between the sheets of a whole new perspective.

Seek first to understand your passion purpose in the inspired creativity of your life partner or significant other. Then to have a fuller awareness or desire for more than just the status quo.

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