Beautifully Fucked, But Still Kicking Ass – Changing the Sheets of your Past

The Chaos of Catastrophic Calamity…

Are we the sum of all our fucked up choices? Just how many opportunities can we miss before the Universe says Fuck it. You deal with your own shit.

In a way maybe some of us have been wallowing in the mud of life for so long…all covered in crap that we’ve gotten complacent in the familiarity of it all, which also breeds contempt.

In fact, myself included, we tense up and try to find a myriad of fucking excuses to do whatever comes naturally for us; what comes comfortably as to not rock our own boat or bed for that matter, or push our lover right off it.

The Benign Comfort of Toxicity…

The reason many people stay in toxic and unsafe relationships or choose to associate with people they would never ever dare have brought home to meet their parents. My mom and dad are both long dearly departed but every now and then I swear to God I feel a tug, a cold chill, or even a familiar voice push, touch, and scream at me to come to my damn senses. Why are you with her/him or You are better than your present circumstances or the sum of all your misguided decisions. Which by the way as a free-thinking mentally sober person we need to take responsibility for.

Fucking our Past Choices into Something Outside our Current Circumstances…

We cannot blame our past forever or that one night stand which set us on that path to our own sexual destruction. And no we can’t blame Trump or Hillary or Obama for how life is treating us or overtaxing us so we must Uber Sex just to pay the rent. And don’t go blaming your highly functional yet dysfunctional family or dead parents for that whipping you should have gotten as a child. And not at the BDSM Club downtown as a bipolar pot smoking closet Log Cabin Republican adult who just happens to be a non-binary Trump supporter.

Jumping off that bridge naked without a bungee…

You may have the goods and just love every chance you get to show it all off to the ones you indiscriminately fuck. That’s what college dorms are for; free love and vaping the gape.

It may not be as extreme as that however how many of us have done things just for the adrenaline rush or that mind-blown high? Driving faster than 65 down that curvy mountain highway, getting ourselves into unsafe or even dangerous sexual situations because we feel so fucking invincible at the moment. Some of us are physically and emotionally-charged or hard-wired for that shit anyways. We are either just high-achievers (or just high) or get off on the risks we take (the same ones who sex and drive or text and drive while giving head.) The euphoria of getting intoxicated while having our ass asphyxiated on that Highway to Hell; aka Route 66 to ‘Viva Lost my Religion in Vegas.’ Don’t act all sanctimonious, angelic and shit because the honor girls and boys know how to keep a secret down and to swallow their pride.

God blessed sex, just not with your ex…

So why blame that person you exploited because she said she needed to pay her way through college by stripping working at a club called BJs. The DNA of that shadowy chance encounter may always remain with you, however you need to embrace that transformation which will take place, if you just trust God and the Universe in her infinite wisdom to initiate the process of change.

Your sex life and love affairs can be more passionate and enticing, but you will have to change those come-stained sheets from your past regrets first (and maybe even buy a new mattress since you flipped it too many times already) in order to dream that change within. Your body may be that voracious storm, ready to break free like a river flowing right out of you. So get wet with desire for more and more.

Your time is now to do what you were destined to achieve the most out of this beautifully-fucked up life. Because “you were born this way, wild and free. But thank God you are still alive and kicking ass, so you can still create that change today.

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