Reclaiming our Stolen Faith in Times of Crisis

In God We Trust Or Not In the most difficult times…

It’s on all our currency but do we really believe in a faith greater than ourselves when that trust is shattered?

As a community we can overcome any unforeseen tragedy and loss of faith. We just have to unite together and find solutions to the reasons why and how these senseless acts of terror occur.

Political correctness and party affiliation means shit when human lives are at stake. There is a fight raging for the heart and soul of our next generation and our great nation. But in the end we will become stronger through our love and compassion for one another than the hate trying to tear our families apart.

In our challenging times we can lose sight of what’s important and that is love. Embrace your passion purpose with the one you’re with and cherish each and every day of your lives.

#thousandoakstrong #humanityoverparty


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