212 Degrees of Passion – Setting yourself free

Living on the edge of passion…It’s the thing which drives me to try harder.

Persistence and determination are incredibly important. If I only concentrated on one thing. I would limit myself in life. – Sasha Grey

Maybe the most powerful thing we can do to begin that process towards change is this; do something new and different. That’s it! Try outside your comfort zone. It’s this Naked Surrender…facing the doubt staring at you in the mirror which makes you come alive. – Mark Adam

Lets realize that the world we live in today is extremely unpredictable and unstable. Everyday there seems to be one more reason to give up on our dreams or the compassion of humanity.

How can I change my life when the world seems to feast itself upon hate and lies. If love is truly the answer, how come we tend to profoundly screw it up, even the most intimate and personal acts with our tongues of vaping rage.

Conjuring Dragons in our Dreams

As if words have no more meaning than the noise around us or the furiousness of our self-created hurricanes. Sometimes climate change must first begin in the bedroom before we can experience the environmental impact on that path we’re traveling on.

Limitations only have as much power as we allow them. So consider expanding your own personal and relational circle to include a diversity of transformational perspectives outside your own worldview.

Who says you can’t experience that extra degree of passion in your life. No matter what happens in this life; the good or the bad, one thing is certain. The earth will keep moving with or without you.

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