Blowing your Way through Hell (F*ck or Fright) – Piercing Your Candy Apple

You bring the trick. I’ll show you my treat.

Halloween is a time to dress in character and disguise yourself as an angel or villain, as somebody you idol or someone you love to hate. Living vicariously in the clothes of another, the persona of our alternative self, and sleeping in the bed of a stranger. Because let’s face it, if you’re blowing the fuck out of Hell you might as well enjoy the ride.

On All Hallows’ Eve we just have an excuse to masquerade who we really are or desire to be. Most relationships fall apart when the mask comes off. Everyone holds secrets no one else knows about. You can lie all you want but we all have a past we’re trying to suppress or appease, like that beast under our bed.

Are you in bondage to your past? There is a better way. You don’t have to fuel that pain or feed that beast clawing at your skin. Stop biting into that forbidden fruit or that sharp needle in a piece of eye candy. Sooner or later someone’s gonna get pierced by that resentment, anger, lie, past regrets; any secrets you choose to disguise as that angelic devil inside. Even if they’re dressed in Victoria’s dirty little Secret.

We have given up howling at the full moon or partaking in the witches brew as we embrace and bless one another with incantations of our shared love. Maybe it’s time to cast off into the fire all that crap which hinders us from receiving that which is rightfully ours to indulge in from the Universe. That forbidden fruit that is pleasing to our eyes yet keeping our mouth wide shut as if sacrificing our self- pleasure is warranted and morally-just. The truth is concealed on that path least traveled; you just have to trust in the darkness as you search for your Rainbow in the Night.

So enjoy your wicked savagery but stay safe and respect each other and night.

The Covenant of Diversity is best shared and honored in the arms of another. The Kiss of Divinity as a Goddess on Fire.

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