Passion Island Cove – We all have secrets…what’s yours?

Secret tendencies…

We all hold deep within our innermost selves secrets we are unwilling to tell. Naked and exposed on a cross of our own creation. Some edibles were never meant to be eaten out in this tropical paradise. What the mind visualizes, your body will materialize; if you only have the eyes to see that which is hidden until the appointed time.

That promise ring wrapped around your middle finger. Your diamond-studded navel dazzling in the shadows of the star-covered night. A room with a view overlooking the white sand beach of Boracay.

The white satin sheets flutter with the slight breeze blowing through the partially open window. Beads of sweat drip down your coffee aroma skin; forming a trail from your chest on down ever so slowly but meticulously to awaken your sleeping goddess. She is in a trancelike bliss; heaven sent for such a time as this. Because angels must recharge their halos, resurrecting life and love from the dead complacency. Faith lost but now found in the embrace of another. Stripped naked yet set free in unashamed grace.

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